First Look At Best Places In turkey

Today you are going to discover something unique which you have missed in your tourism I want to show you the beauty and mesmerizing scenery of Turkish famous places. It’s not always simple to pick the ideal spot to visit and explore, so we need to know a little bit more about it. Tourism is all about discovering and knowing something which you want to know. Take a look at the best places in Turkey first.

First, have a look at the best places to visit in Turkey

As you know Turkey is a historic place. A long time history which Gives it more  Importance which enhances its value of tourism. Sometimes we miss those things which were valuable. Insight of history and discovery. Turkey has more valuable places for tourism which gives importance to Turkey As a central point of attraction to the seeker of knowledge and entertainment as well. You will learn everything there is to know about the locations that were previously unknown to you. Many places belong to the old era of the Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire.

Historic Background

The historic background of this country enhances your enthusiasm for tourism and discovery. Some people give more importance to the  Historical values of the place which enlightened their mind and soul And widen their perspective of exploration. Sometimes we don’t find the place to go there and refresh our soul. For this purpose, we need to explore these.  This knowledge will help you to find the right option for the journey. Who has not visited such a place yet? Should go there and get what you want from Turkish people and their culture will make you love them. They are very hospitable and helping people their culture the values and traditions are very impressive. The food is are also very special, especially Turkish delight and Turkish coffee. There are many cities in Turkey which are very famous for tourism first of all.


It is one of the most famous cities in the world. The city has special importance due to its geological position because it connects the world 2 continents Asia and Europe. There are many beautiful places in Istanbul. The Asian part of this city is Anatolia European part is Thrace. The old name of the city was Constantinople Which has a great impact on the history horse different empires. This is the 15th largest city in the world. It is considered the hub of the national economy.

First Look At Best Places In turkey


Bosphorus Strait is the natural gateway located in northwestern Turkey. This is a significant waterway To the world. Which creates a boundary between Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. This is a very old bridge. This bridge is very beautiful and gives you mesmerizing sight of Marmara and the Black Sea. The bridge architecture is magnificent. Especially in the Night Lights, this will enhance the beauty of the sea and the architecture of the bridge. There are mountains across the sea. Which gives it a glamorous look and becomes the most point of attraction for the tourist.

First Look At Best Places In turkey


The official name of Galata tower is the Galata kulesi museum. This tower is in the Beyoğlu District of Istanbul Turkey. As part of Galata’s defenses, they built it as a watchtower. But now it is a museum. It is a symbol of beyoğlu and Istanbul it was the tallest building in Istanbul. The upper section of the tower is in the shape of conical during the Ottoman.

Take a look at the Best Places to Visit in Turkey first.

In 2013, UNESCO included Galata Tower on Turkey’s World Heritage temporary list. The 9 Storey tower is 205.3 ft the city’s tallest building of that time the elevation from the ground is 61 meters above sea level and it has an external diameter of 16. for five-meter are the ways and the inside diameter is 8.95 meters and the walls are 3.75 meters thick. First, let’s take a look at some of Turkey’s most beautiful locations. Galata tower is one of them

The Upper Portion

The upper level contains a restaurant and a nightclub. Here you may watch Turkish television shows. Two operating elevators take visitors from the lower level to the high level. It gives you a beautiful view of the Bosphorus and the whole city of Istanbul. This is a very beautiful building of the city which makes the city more attractive.

First Look At Best Places In turkey
Galata tower


The Hagia Sophia, also known as the I Hagia Sophia mosque, is the world’s most famous place in Istanbul. During Justinian’s reign in 537 AD, They built Hagia Sophia. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Sultan converted it into a mosque. It was a Byzantine-style structure. The building is very beautiful and has an unforgettable view. There is a fountain for ritual ablution. It is located in Fatih Istanbul Turkey. The mosque’s length is 82 meters, breadth is 73 meters, height is 55 meters, and the material used was Roman bricks. It functions now as a mosque and it is a great monument for both Byzantine and Ottoman, later mosque the sight of the mosque is mesmerizing.

First Look At Best Places In turkey
Hagia Sophia

ANKARA, Worth of First Look At Best Places In turkey

Ankara is also a beautiful city in Turkey. It is also the capital of Anatolia and is located in the center of the country. And the city has a population of about a 5.6million. This is the second-largest city in Turkey. The Turks also established their Grand National Assembly of Turkey there. It is also a commercial and industrial city. There are many beautiful places in  Ankara. There are also very historic places.


The Museum of Anatolian civilizations is located on the Southside of Ankara Castle. In the Atpazari area in Ankara.The museum is into Waterman buildings one is of Mahmut paşa dedesteni Other is kurşunlu Han (caravanserai). The design of the building is of classical type. Ten domes in the shape of a rectangle enclose the location. And 102 shops are facing each other. Museum galleries show art of sculpture and historical heritage. It is state art. And is also a sculpture museum.

First Look At Best Places In turkey
The Museum of Anatolian civilizations

Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University

The university is a public university in Ankara it was formed on 18th May 2018 by the government of the Turkey Of this in university is the door of science The building of the universities is glorious  It provides a lot of Opportunity’s to get knowledge and the student explore more about the size and get their diplomas.

First Look At Best Places In turkey
Haci Bayram Veli University


 This Opera House is the largest of the three Venus of opera and ballet in Ankara Turkey. The building was designed By the Turkish architect as an exhibition center. And won the first prize in the competition of project in 1933 at an international competition and later converted into an opera center By the German architect and start functioning in April. This building was also used for the theatre under the name of büyük tiyatro. It is a very beautiful building and has a large capacity.

First Look At Best Places In turkey
Ankara Opera House


 There are many art galleries in Ankara But most of the famous art gallery is cermodern. Ankara is the center of contemporary art handout-related events. It is famous because of its modern space and also with it. The architecture of the cermodern site is very beautiful. The connection between the old and modern architect is still intact and can be seen in the gallery’s visual spirit. Apart from the building plenty of skylights and the garden Allow for plenty of Open space and enhance its beauty.



It is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Antalya is a resort city, yacht-filled old harbor and beaches, and large hotels. It also gives you a chance to explore the Mediterranean region known as the turquoise coast for its blue waters. There are also some remains of Roman It is a central point of Turkey tourism industry.


There are many waterfalls in In Antalya. But Duden waterfall is one of the best. This waterfall is divided into two parts the upper Duden And the lower Duden waterfalls. In the upper waterfall, you can see the water is coming from the top. you can walk in the gorge and even walk in the hidden cave. And the harbor of Kaleici is the greatest place to see the bottom section. There is also a waterfall park which can be explored by walking through it it’s very shady and crowded with the natives the waterfall can also be explored by walking through The Cave the view of the waterfalling is glorious.

Duden Falls / Antalya
Duden Falls / Antalya

IZMIR Must Include In The list of First Look At Best Places In turkey

Izmir is also a very famous city in Turkey. It is situated on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Greeks found it. Taken over by the Roman and Alexander the Great rebuilt it before becoming a part of the Ottoman Empire. Now it’s Bing archaeological site and open-air museum the area of the city is 11,891 kilometers square elevation is 2 meter. The sight of the overall city is so mesmerizing and attractive.


This is a hilltop castle in Izmir Turkey. The castle is situated on the mount of pagos. That was under the Roman Empire, the elevation of the place is 186 m. The Gives you a whole view of the shoreline of Izmir the castle is a very beautiful and historic landmark of different Empires. The role of the council is made of stones and ready strong material. It was built in the 3rd century BC very beautiful place for visiting It is also known by the name of velvet castle.


Konak square Must go there if you want to take a look at the best places in Turkey first.

Konak Square is also a very beautiful place in Izmir. In this square City, the Hall office is near the metropolitan municipality, the central bus station, and the yalı mosque. There is a great clock tower at the center of the square the old landmark built-in 1901. The main bazaar of Izmir is also there at the end of the square. There is a culture of central of Ege University, In it, Opera House, Music Academy and the Museum of Modern art is also established.

Konak Square
Konak Square


Kanya is also a very famous and historic city in Turkey. It is situated in South Central Turkey. It is a very old city. Konya is an iconic character in Muslim society. There are also many famous places to visit in Konya. The Historical building of Islamic culture and values. which are the main CenterPoint for the visitor. In the old times, it was the center of Islamic teachings The famous madrasas are there of that time.


The Mevlana Museum is a famous place located in Konya Turkey. It is the Museum of Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi a Persian Sufi Mystic. It was also the spinning Darvish, dervish lodge. The building is very beautiful and built of bluestone there are large gardens around the central building The green tilted cylindrical domes are a very attractive point of the building. At the corner beneath the Tomb of Rumi himself. The gold cloth is used to embellish it. Many Muslim pilgrims raise their hands in prayers as they face the Tomb. There is a mosque joining the tomb have an old exhibition of a collection of old Qurans and valuable prayer rugs. There is also a nacre-encrusted box containing the holy beard of Muhammad, the last prophet (saw).

Mevlana Mesuem
Mevlana Mesuem


 KLEOPATRA BEACH, Take a look at the Best Places to Visit in Turkey first.

It is the most beautiful beach in Turkey And one of the most visited beaches on the Turkish riviera.  Its name is on the queen of Egypt The water of beaches mirrors a clear lagoon and magnificent sandy carpet. The length of the beach is 2 kilometers and 40 meters wide the temperature is also.  There are many olives trees and pine forests for many years. There would be some fantastic locations over there. The beach has the most up-to-date changing rooms, showers, and other amenities. You can use it without pay. This is a very tremendous place.



In conclusion, overall Turkey is a very famous country for its rich history and glorious sites to go for and explore these places to have fun as well as knowledge of history and today

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