Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People


Iran. It is a beautiful country. The Middle East. It is a Muslim state. Also known as Persia. And all officially its name is the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a country in western Asia. Iran Having anal about 1,648,195 kilometers Square.4th largest country in Asia. And the second-largest country in Western Asia.  Iran has a population of about 85 Million. This country is known as Home to the oldest civilization. It has a rich history. After front civilization. Especially Islamic civilization. Tehran is the capital of Iran. Tourism has a great influence on Iran if you want to know its culture then you should doTourism In Iran In The Life Of Great People


The official language is Persian. Their government and governance system is. Presidential democracy. The ultimate authority vested to. Supreme leader. Here on his. 11 Climate. out of the world 13 Iran, Iran’s climate is very diverse.  It is one of the world’s Mountainous. Countries. At landscape is. Mostly Consist of rugged mountain ranges. The western part is more mountainous.  The northern part of Iran is. Covered by lush. Lowland. Located near the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. The eastern part consists of deserts mostly. And the system in Iran is highly centralized. Higher education is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology. According to UNESCO. It had rated 85. Percent.

The literacy

In 2008. The literacy rate is very good. The art of Iran consists of many different aspects, including architecture, stone masonry, metalworking, weaving, pottery, painting, and calligraphy. The art of Iran is full of diversity in different regions and periods. Diversity of Art and culture of Iran. Give it more attractive. Looks for the visitors. Iran has also famous due to its. Medicine. Philosophy. And literature. The music perspective is also very ancient and Unique. Overall, it’s great. Mixture of. Art culture. Latest Modernisme. And many values Of different civilizations.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Iran’s mountains

Tehran is a major part of Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

It is the capital of Iran. The city is. None of the most famous buildings of Iran in. Like. Ornate golestan  palace., Museums and. Panoramic views from the Milad Tower. The area of the city is 730 kilometers. Square.  It has a population of 8.694 million. It is a beautiful city this goodbye. Two days every year. The most famous National Museum of Iran has beautiful Artifacts dating back to Paleolithic times. It is the  Most  Populous City in Iran.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Waving the Iran flag above the skyline of Tehran at sunset.

Golestan palace

Golestan Palace is. Also known as Rose Garden palace. This is the. Oldest historic monument. Which belongs to the group of royal buildings.  it consists of Gardens, royal buildings, and a collection of. Onion crafts. And European presents. From the 18th and 19th centuries. The marble Throne.  This magnificent terrace, known as Marble Throne, was built in 1806. By the order of. Fath Ali Shah after Qajar Dynasty. The Golestan Palace consists of 17 structures. Including. Palaces, museums, and halls. These palaces were used for many occasions. Such as coronations and other important celebrations. There are also main archives consisting of. Library. Off manuscripts and archive of documents. The building itself is a great piece of architecture. And. Spectacular, mesmerizing views.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Golestan palace

 Azadi tower

This tower is Formerly known as the. Shahyad tower. There is a monument located in Azadi square in Tehran. It is one of the landmarks Of Tehran. It is located at the western entrance of the city. And it is also a part of. Azadi cultural complex. The length of the tower is about 45 meters. And it is completely covered by cat marbles. It was. Made by. Muhammad Reza pahlavi the last shah Iran. It was the mark of. 2500. Your celebration of the Persian Empire. And it was completed in 1971. The architect of the tower  Is based Upon. classic and postclassical Of Iranian. architecture.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Beautiful view of the Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower) on blue sky background in Tehran, Iran. Azadi Square is a popular tourist attraction in the Middle East.

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque plays a major role in Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of great People

It is a beautiful mosque, also known as a pink mosque. It is our traditional type of mask. In Shiraz, Iran. The architect. And the design of the mosque is so beautiful. It was also built during the Qajar dynasty rule of Iran. The mosque is. Built by. Unique sort of glass which reflects the art and culture of Iranians. Civilization. There is a winter prayer hall in the mosque. And. Decoration  On the hall. Is done with. with different sort of. Special. Architect It gives a glamorous look to this beautiful home. The light coming out. From the different colors of glass. Give it the shape of a rainbow-like  View. The outside. The mosque is also very large. Where the prayer is held. It is a great piece of art. Iranian. civilization.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

Mount Damavand is one of the concerns of Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of great People

This mountain is potential. Active Stratovolcano. This is the highest peak in Iran. And it is known as. second highest in  Asia. The height of. This mountain is about 5,609. It is located near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Amol County, Mazandaran province., 66. Km. North East. Of the city of Tehran. It is the 12th most prominent peak in the world. It is also a part of. Volcanic 7 summits. Mountaineering challenge.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

The night view of Mount Damavand from the polar in Mazandaran province of Iran. Mt Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia.

Pasargadae world heritage site

Pasargadae was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire Under Cyrus the great. Who ordered this. Construction of this site and the location of his tomb. Now it is a Glasgow World Heritage site. It is about 90 kilometers. To the North East of the modern city of Shiraz. The material in the construction was used stone and clay. It was considered a piece of Persian culture and art. The area of the site is 160 ha(0.62 sq mi). Hundreds of years ago its Laws were built. About 6th century. BCE. The condition is in ruins now. But still, it has its. Impact. On. Persian. Culture and art. Is a beautiful piece of work.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

The most important Iranian monument – is the tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae, Fars Province, Iran. UNESCO world heritage site

Tabiat bridge has to be the main part of Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

It is a beautiful and large bridge for pedestrians to pass in Tehran. The length of the bridge is about 270 meters. It connects to public parks. taleghani park and abo atash park. The Word tabiat means Nature. In the Persian language. Designed by the famous architect, Diba tensile. This bridge was also born. The 2016 aga khan award for architecture. It is a beautiful passway. There is a lush green tree and a grassy area around this which enhances beauty.

It is also a popular gathering place for the community and in its sitting areas. There are many restaurants. It is a place where you can’t just pass. You have to stay there and enjoy the beauty. When you walk through it, it feels like it is a. Honest. And you got a lot of positive energy. People who come to Reenergise feel lively there. In the first year of opening, almost 4 million people visited this bridge. It is a great piece of architecture and exemplary.

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran at Night, taken in January 2019 taken in hdr

Si o se pol bridge

The Allahverdi Bridge. It is well, famous By the name. Si o se pol is one of the largest of eleven historical bridges on the zayanderud, The largest river in the Iranian Plateau. In Isfahan, Iran. It was built in the early 17th century. For both as bridge and another dam. It is also. Is a recreational place for people. The material to build this bridge was used stone and brick. And the design of the bridge is. Arch bridge double deck. The total length is about 297. 76 The construction was started in 1599. And was completed in 16 02. The night view of this bridge is. Glorious. The architecture and design are so beautiful. And it was a great landmark of that time…

Tourism In Iran: In The Life Of Great People

The Si-o-se Pol or the Bridge of 33 Arches, also called the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran. Built-in 1602.


 Overall, Iran is historical. And. Centre of most all  Old. Civilization is a beautiful place to visit for. It is a place of. Different dynasties and different cultures are. There are a lot of points and sides. Which you have. Missed yours.  Visits. One must go for it. To explore more about. Their culture, their living. I’m more about history.

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