8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful island country in South Asia. It is. Located. In the Indian Ocean. South West of the Bay Bengal and South East of the Arabian Sea. Formally, it was known as Ceylon, And officially, the Democratic Socialist Republic of  Sri Lanka. The history of Lanka is almost 3000 years. Goes back. Due to its best position and creation of harbors, 8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka have Made Sri Lanka’s Great Strategic Value.

The capital of Sri Lanka is. Columbo. The recognized language of this is English. There are many ethnic groups. Live there. Because it consists of islands and the island has its history. Many religions are living there like Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. And others. Areas. 65610 kilometers square.  Its population is all about 21.92 million., many famous places to go there. Their official l Languages are Sinhala. And Tamil.


It is a beautiful rock fortress. Located in the Northern. Matale district, near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It has its historical and archaeological importance. And the length of this beautiful rock is about 180 meters high. The history of this place shows that it was the largest forest and after the passage of time and Some sort of storms and Land sliding turned it into a shape of a hill.

And King Kashyapa selected it for its new capital. He beautifully built this place. And decorated its sides with colorful. Pattern. The name of this place. Is derived from its structure. The lion rock.  Because On a small area about a half up the side he builds a beautiful gateway In the shape of a large lion. This capital and the royal palace. It was left after the king’s death. Now it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

Yala National Park.

Yala National Park is the most visited. And the second largest park of Solanke. This park has been. Built-in the form of five blocks. Two of them are a new addition to the public. And they are also known as adjoining parks. These blocks have different names. It is in the. South-Eastern region of the country. The dairy of the park is 979 square kilometers. It is designed for wildlife. In the 90s. It has a variety of wild animals. And it is also famous to today’s animals. It has. Ask for beautiful conservation of elephants, Sri Lankan leopards, and aquatic birds. From a climate perspective, it is a dry place and it has only rain. In the monsoon season.

8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka
Yala National Park

Siri pada/Adam ‘s peak.

This beautiful beak. Has its history. The height of this beautiful peak is 2,243 meters. It is famous because. It has all footprints Mark, which is known as a sacred footprint.  1.8 meters roke  Formation. Near the summit. Cording to different religions, different myths and leaves are. Considered. Mount this. Footprint. In some Islamic and Christian traditions, it is that of Adam. people visited this place. . It is very famous. Religious tourists.

8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

Galle Dutch Fort.

Beautiful historical place. It was first. Built-in 1588, by the Portuguese, Lately, by the judges in the 17th century from 1649 onwards. Has its own historical and archaeological importance. Loot for its old history. It is a beautiful monument. That is almost 432 years old. By the government. Take great care of this piece. It is a beautiful combo of European and South Asian architecture. In the 16th to 19 centuries. Some internal area is still considered the property of the Dutch and they are trying to make them the world’s modern wonder. The shore over there is mesmerizing that Enhance. It’s. beauty and. Tourist spot of attraction.

8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

 Horton plains national park.

Horton Plains National Park. It is beautiful. Land. That was designed in 1988 in the central part of Sri Lanka. The elevation. Of this. Place is. 2100_ 2300 meters. This place is very famous among tourists. And it is the headwaters afterimages of Lankan rivers. This is a beautiful grassland. The greenery and sight saw over there are very. Impressive.

Specially Sri Lanka sambar deer Is also found there in large herds. And there are also very Important bird species found in it. There are. Some endemic animal species. Could be found. The scene of this place is very Beautiful for nature lovers who want to explore. The mountain, The greenery, and  The beautiful sky give it Amazing looks. It fulfilled man’s mind with peace and relaxation.

8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka
Horton plains national park

Sinharaja Forest Reserve. is one of the 8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

The Sinharaja Forest reserve is of great significance among the World Reserve biosphere and world heritage sites by UNESCO. The world. International Union for Conservation of Nature. State that this place is the tropical rainforest of this country and more than 60% of these plants and trees over there is an endemic and off rare kind. 50% of animals of endangered species are there. And it is the home of 95 % of endemic birds.  This forest is the best piece of natural beauty and the diversity of the universe. It gives you all which you can have on a trip to explore natural organisms of any kind.  The water stream makes it more eye-catching and increases its value.


Sri Lanka planetarium. the main course of 8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka planetarium is a public place located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is the only planetarium in this country. And it is an Institute of Science and technology and it is under the Ministry of Science. This institute was built. In. 1st February 1965. The material used in the construction is. The concrete floor and prestressed concrete folded plate roof. The beautiful art and design of this building.

Is. A great piece. Architect. This building was funded by the German Democratic Republic as a gift to Cylon.  the design  Of the building is in the form of an artificial sky which is created in the building above the 570-seat auditorium.  This is a beautiful place And an enormous Piece of  Architect.  This is famous Among science students and astronomers. A great piece of work And it’s doing a great job in the field of science and technology.

Sri Lanka planetarium

Old royal palace. must include in the 8 Interesting Viral And Beautiful Sites In Sri Lanka

This is a beautiful, Royal palace, located in Kandy in the north of the Temple of Tooth. This palace was the residence of the Sri Lankan monarchy of the Kingdom of Kandy, Sri Lanka. One of these enormous palace complexes That were included in Kings Palace, Royal audience hall, Queen palace, King’s harem quarters, and Queens batting areas together with the temple of tooth.

The building is of the Victorian era and has recently been housed in the Kandy High Court.  And It is a beautiful monument of the Old era. The design and architecture of the building are. Very beautiful. The outside and inside architecture are very wide and full of lightning. This has great features depicting Sri Lankan history. The building is very vast and is also a Museum of archaeological aspects.

Old royal palace


 Overall guys it is a Beautiful place. That can entertain you in every aspect. It’s beautiful. Architect. It’s beautiful history and its beautiful beaches. Forest, rainforest. Everything about nature and the modernization of Cities is also a very attractive point among the tourists Of the region as well as from the whole world.

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